Configuring Vlans

To configure vlans on a simple network like the one below

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.10.55 PM.png

  1. Configure vlans on both the switches
  2. add the ports of hosts to the vlans
  3. Configure trunk


How to Configure Vlan


Switch(config)#vlan 2

Switch(config-vlan)#name Sales

Switch(config-vlan )#exit

Now add ports to the above VLAN 

Switch(config)#int fa 0/5

Switch(config-if)#switchport mode access

Switch(config-if)#switchport access vlan 5

Configure Trunk

SWitch(config)#int fa 0/2      (this is port connecting the two switches)

Switch(config-if)# switchport mode trunk

Switch(config-if)#switchport trunk acess vlan 5






Add i.p addresses to your hosts as above

PING the hosts on different switches but same vlan





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